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[ 17.09.2018 ]
Ethno festival "Russia-harmony of cultures"


Delightful ethnic Festival "Russia-harmony of cultures", which has long been the pride of the Leningrad region, as well as an occasion for a meeting of representatives of more than 100 nationalities, gathered thousands of guests in Priozersk on September 15!

A bright part of the ethnic festival was a solemn procession of participants. Delegations from all regions of the North-West and Leningrad region presented "pictures" representing the identity of their region. Photo collages, embroidered canvases, colorful paintings-in the final of the festive parade, all the paintings formed into a single gallery, which could be viewed for more than one hour.
As part of the celebration, guests and participants of the festival tied colored ribbons on the "tree of Unity" and made wishes.

Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko congratulated everyone on the holiday: "the Leningrad region is a multinational region. Our festival was originally organized in order to tell the people of Leningrad about the nationalities and nationalities living on our land. I am grateful to the organizers: for five years we have managed to attract not only our participants, but also representatives of all regions of the North-West Federal district, as well as countries of near and far abroad."

Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the northwestern Federal district Lyubov Sovershaeva said: "such holidays are necessary. We always say, " we’re different, but we’re together." And the Leningrad region, by its example of the friendly neighborhood of many peoples, shows this in full."

Chairman LOO MOO "Karelian Commonwealth" Irina Arkhipova told the Governor of Leningrad region A. Yu. Drozdenko about the opening of the first interactive Museum of Karelia in the House of Friendship LUO and presented a unique exhibition of the works of Marina Vataginu.
Nadezhda Chinyaeva demonstrated stylized Karelian costumes that fit seamlessly into urban life.

Karelian language sounds in modern songs - so, under the "White dance" in the Karelian language danced Governor of the Republic of KARELIAN and the Chairman of the LOO of the Commonwealth of Karelian "Irina Arkhipova.

Next year, the ethnofestival will be held in Vsevolozhsk, so he was given a passing symbol of the event-a carved wooden rook.


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