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Our team

Irina Arkhipova

Founder and producer of the International film festival of sport and tourist films "GOLDEN PEAK"

General Director and producer of the Studio of the historical film "FARAON"

The author of the project "In search of lost knowledge" (C) aimed at supporting Russian science. Organizer and leader of more than 60 international scientific research expedition"Elbrus 2007-2009","Himalaya 2008-2016","Тибет2009-20012 "Russian North 2001-2016","Solovki 2001-2016"

A press-the Attache of Federation of freestyle of Russia from 2002 to 2012. A press-the Attache of Federation of freestyle of St. Petersburg since 2002. at the present time.Worked at the XXII Olympic winter games in Sochi the head of security at the stadiums, acrobatics,Mogul and halfpipe. The President and numerous government awards.

Andrey Arkhipov

Development Director of the festival "Golden peak"

He graduated from Spbgutd, Institute of business communications. Successfully working in the Studio of the historical film "FARAON" since 2011 in the field of advertising and PR. Young and creative specialist! Candidate master of sports and champion of Russia in freestyle skiing, he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboard and motorsports.

Dmitry Moscow

PR Director of the festival "Golden Peak"

Film critic, author of numerous publications bright publications in the premium class "Sapsan", "comfortable sky", the newspaper "Nevskoe Vremya", "Vecherniy Petersburg", "Labour" and "the Russian newspaper". Worked for many years co-hosting the program "Daytime show" on the radio "Fontanka. FM". Today is co-host of the program "version of the best of the day."

Alex Poselov

The system administrator of the website of the international film festival "Golden Peak" and the site of the Studio "Pharaoh"

An engineer’s test of spacecraft, in practice, the head of web-Studio. The author of many successful web projects. Participant in the Arctic expeditions of 2005 and 2007, and expedition "of the Himalayas-2012". Provides technical support for sites Studio "Pharaoh" and of the festival "Golden Peak" since 2010

Anastasia Morozova

Director of the Studio of the historical film "Faraon"

He graduated from the journalism faculty of St. Petersburg state University. The main Director of the Studio since 2007, author of scripts and Director of the film "Man-cold", "Tummo" and "Be good", which became the winners of film festivals in Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy and France. Laureate and winner of many international competitions and festivals, winner of "Golden pen".

Nadezhda Dorofeeva

Director of photography

He Graduated From St. Petersburg State University. Worked on projects "freestyle" and "Himalaya" from 2002 a Young and talented cinematographer and photographer, a master of his craft.

Anna Fisunova

Deputy Director of the Studio of the historical film "Faraon"

He Graduated From Spbgutd. Worked on projects in film festivals and project "freestyle" with 2004 the First assistant and "right hand" to the General Director of the Studio, active, creative and responsible person!

Maria Kleshnina

The assistant Director of the Studio of the historical film "Faraon"

Brilliant command of the English language allowed Mary to become a talented sports speaker and commentator for international sporting events, including the XXII Olympic winter games in Sochi. She is the author of translations of numerous articles and texts on the international project of Irina Arkhipova "In search of lost knowledge." Under its auspices took place the project "Expedition in the Himalayas". Working at the Studio since 2004

Anastasia Smirnova

Assistant to the head of the Studio of the historical film "Faraon"

Graduate of the faculty of producing, Economics and management Spbgukit, worked in the administration of crews. Prefers an active leisure and a healthy lifestyle, loves to read, to embroider, to attend sporting and cultural events, to travel and to photograph. Doing Aikido.

Anastasia Melnik

Press Secretary of the Studio of the historical film "Faraon"

Working on projects with film festivals 2014 Student of photography, design and journalism, Spbgukit. Painter, designer. Loves the outdoors, travel and a healthy lifestyle.

Tatyana Ashina

Press Secretary

Works on the project "freestyle" and other sports projects Studio 2011 with Two degrees in the field of service and tourism. The winner of the open all-Russian competition in the field of public relations development "Crystal Orange". Worked at the XXII Olympic winter games in Sochi judge via the contacts on the track of ski cross and snowboard cross.

Nadezhda Eleonskaya

The interior designer and polygraphies

The main and most significant contribution - participation in the creation of an advertising campaign of the Federation of freestyle of St. Petersburg and the festival "Golden peak". Versatile developed personality, loves an active lifestyle - sport, travel, adventure and life in General. Probably this side and allowed to become an active team member Irina Arkhipova, since 2010

Ekaterina Zolotova

Specialist of public relations

Conducts international negotiations and shall correspond with the festivals-partners. Graduated from the Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture in 2013. While training went on a six-month internship in Spain, where the training took place at the University of Granada. Since 2012, sotrudnichat with the film festival "Golden Peak"under the leadership Arkhipova I. V.
In April 2014 the Russian delegation was represented by the Studio "Pharaoh" and the program of the festival "Golden Peak" film festival "YPERIA" in Greece.

Nadezhda Eryomina

Creative designer

Participant of many expeditions. Developer design layouts expeditions "Solovki" and the festival "Golden Peak-2013". Loves sports and travel.

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