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The international Film Festival of tourist and sports movies "GOLD TOP" submits the project unique in own way, both the professional, and amateur cinema covering dozens of the countries and cities. Life without travel, new impressions, the nature and sport is inconceivable, knowledge of the world becomes an incentive to healthy and bright life. Cinema in all its variety becomes the chief assistant, the friend and the companion of travelers.

To make an unusual round-the-world trip, without leaving St. Petersburg: to get to unique places of Russia, the snow-covered Himalayas with mystical spirit of the Tibetan monasteries, Cambodia with ancient ruins of the ancient cities, the African savannas with the impassable jungle, Maldives with the underwater kingdom of coral reeves, the islands of Greece with unique churches, Norway with her fjords, Karelia with races on dogsleds, will enjoy architecture and history of St. Petersburg – not to count all places where it is possible to get by means of the Gold Top film festival in one day.

In November, 2017 in St. Petersburg there will take place the V international Film Festival of tourist movies "GOLD TOP" within which the best works created by cinematographers of Russia, Spain, Greece, Maldiv, Poland, Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia and other countries and also the best works of the international Film Festivals of the corresponding subject will be shown.

Purposes of the GOLD TOP film festival:
- Support and promoting of cultural, scientific, historical programs and festivals;
- Promotion of movies, the audiovisual and multimedia programs devoted to national and international tourism;
- Promoting of a healthy lifestyle, different types of sport, social responsibility and environment protection;
- Involvement of youth and teenagers to art, tourism and sport;
- Support of young cinematographers;
- Holding seminars, conferences, exhibitions, master classes, press clubs and round tables with experts in culture, science, tourism and sport;
- Drawing attention of the International tourist festivals and the companies to St. Petersburg as to the center of historical and cultural heritage, exchange of experience at the international level;
- Promoting of works of the St. Petersburg cinematographers.

Movies of the GOLD TOP film festival are presented in the following nominations: tourism (event, business, scientific, ecological, ethnographic, informative, extreme (adventures), pilgrim, mountain, water, gastronomic), a unique tourist object, sport, art cinema, the animation movie, the fiction film, the clip (musical video), the film and video report of travelers, the one-minute movie (a free form), the best commercial about MKF "GOLD TOP" on the Internet.

Movies are presented to the zhanrakh:dokumentalny movie, the publicistic movie, the animation movie, the fiction film, the clip (musical video), the one-minute movie.

The international Jury awards the following prizes:
The GRAND PRIX "GOLD TOP" is handed to the best movie / telecast / multimedia work irrespective of category.
The PRIZE and the memorable diploma "GOLD TOP" will award the best movies in all nominations.

The jury consists of experts in the field of cinema, television, tourism, sport, marketing, distribution, PR-technologies and advertizing, film critics and producers.
Within the film festival a competition of photos, in the nominations – tourism, science, sport and the nature is held.

Vramkakh of a film festival is planned carrying out a round table of imaster-classes:
"cinema in a tourism mirror", "cinema and the tourism industry - cooperation sides".

The GOLD TOP film festival is a bright event in a film world which collects in one place of representatives of the different age, hobbies and professions united by the general love to art, tourism and sport.

The international Film Festival of tourist movies "GOLD TOP" takes place with information support of media:
news agencies: IMA-PRESS, INTERFAX.

MKF "Gold Vershina" is carried out with assistance of Committee on tourism of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, SPb by GKU "City Tourist and Information Bureau".

The film studio of the historical movie "PHARAOH" acts as the organizer.

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