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For participants » Regulations of the Festival of sports and tourist movies "GOLDEN PEAK"

Regulations of the Festival of sports and tourist movies "GOLDEN PEAK"



1. Time and place: Film festival GOLDEN PEAK takes place in November, 2019 in St.Petersburg.

2. Mission and objectives

- Promotional support of scientific, cultural, historic programmes and festivals;

- Promotion of films, audiovisual and multimedia programmes devoted to national and international tourism;

- Promotion of healthy life styles, various kinds of sport, social accountability and  environmental protection;

- Engagement of the youth and teenagers in art, tourism and sport;  

- Support of young film makers;

- Organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions,  master classes, press clubs and round-table meetings with experts in culture, science, tourism and sport;

- Spotlighting St.Petersburg as a centre of cultural and historical heritage for international touristic festivals and travel agencies, sharing experiences on an international scale;

- Promotion of works of St.Petersburg film makers.

3. Participation.

Professional, amateur and student films devoted to tourism, science, nature, sport, unique touristic cultural and historical heritage sites of St.Petersburg, Russia and other countries are allowed to take part in the Festival.

The following kinds of films are banned from participation in the Festival: containing violence, intoxication, foul language, obscene signs and body movements.

All the films taking part in the Festival must be produced after 1 January, 2017.

4. Nominations, genres and screen time:

1. Tourism – not more than 13 minutes

- Eventful

- Business

- Scientific

- Ecological

- Ethnographic

- Educational

- Extreme (adventures)

- Pilgrimage

- Alpine

- Aquatic

- Gastronomic

2. Unique tourist attraction – not more than 13 minutes

3. Sport – not more than 13 minutes

4. Art house – not more than 13 minutes

5.Animation film – not more than 13 minutes

6. Feature film – not more than 13 minutes

7.Clip (music video) – not more than 5 minutes

8.Travellers’ film and video report – not more than 5 minutes

9.One-minute film (freeform) – 1 minute

10. Best children’s film – not more than 13 minutes

11. Best film in the field of diplomatic relations – no more than 13 minutes

12.Best promotional video for  IFF GOLDEN PEAK on the Internet – not more than 30 seconds

Films can be represented in the following genres: 

- Documentary film – not more than 26 minutes (only for TV channels)

- Publicistic film – not more than 26 minutes (only for TV channels)

- Animation film – not more than 13 minutes

- Feature film – not more than 13 minutes

- Clip (music video) – not more than 5 minutes

- One-minute film/clip (freeform) – 1 minute


The nomination Unique tourist attraction has the following requirements: the film should feature only one tourist attraction.

The genre Music video has the following requirements: the film should be based on only one song or melody (another melody is acceptable during the opening and closing credits).

Out-of-competition showing: 

- Presentations of National Touristic Committees, regions and towns

- Hospitality business

The films which are longer than mentioned above can be included in the out-of-show competition by the decision of the Organizing Committee.

5. Official languages of Festival: Russian and English.

Each film of the Festival should contain subtitles or voice-over in English, as the Jury are international.

6. Video format and delivering films. Please, make sure you have attached all the required materials for each of the applicant films. Films participating in the Festival should satisfy the following requirements:


- Full HD (1920x1080), 16: 9

- HD (1080x720), 16: 9

- PAL (720x576), 4: 3

- Video encoder-decoder: H.264

- Audio codec: AAC

- No copy protection + no loop

To deliver the film one of the following file hosting services can be used:


- Google-disc

- Yandex-disc

- Dropbox

7. Application. The application should be mailed at  Films should be uploaded to a file hosting service along with the filled-in application form.

The application should contain: a film, a trailer (for one-minute films and clips - not more than 30 seconds, for the other nominations - not more than a minute), a scene from the film, synopsis, information about the participant (company or filmmaker) and a photo of the participant  - to include into the catalogue of the Festival. All the items of the application form should be filled in.

8. Deadline – 27 September, 2019.

9. In case shipment by post, the delivery is at the expense of the applicant.

The package and the medium itself should contain the following information: the title of the film/programme, duration in minutes, original language/subtitles.

Each work should be submitted on a separate medium (DVD-disc or Flash-drive).

Films and information materials are not restituted.

10. Rights of utilization of films. By signing the application form, the applicant expresses consent to the use of the film or programme free of charge for purposes of promotion and noncommercial advertising of the Festival, expresses consent to public demonstration of the film or TV programme on Russian TV channels free of charge during the entire period of the Festival, on the venue of the Festival and during the events advertising and promoting the Festival. The aforementioned equally refers to the scenes/images submitted to the Festival.

All the films, TV programmes and multimedia works selected for the competitive programme and out-of-competition showing remain at the disposal of the organizers for the period of one year after the end of the Festival.

The organizing committee reserves the right to reject any film, TV programme or multimedia programme which fail to meet the requirements of the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to compile the recordings into a Festival Clip for purposes of promotion at the Festival. The aforementioned equally refers to the scenes/images submitted to the Festival.

The Festival disclaims any third party liability for the false copyright representation by a participant /company  .

11. Photography contest is held in the following nominations: 

- Tourism

- Science

- Sport

- Nature

Winners are awarded with prizes and certificates of the Festival.

Not more than 10 photographs should be submitted. However, not more than 5 are to be selected for the contest.

Selection is held by hard copy proofs at least 15-by-21 cm or by high resolution digital images. The accompanying letter should contain: author’s details, phone number and e-mail.

The photographs selected for the contest should be framed or attached to foam core. Sizes of the exhibited photographs in the competitive programme: 20-by-30 cm, 30-by-45 cm.

Deadline —7 August, 2019. 

12. Festival fee: 

- For authors (private individual) - 3,000 rubles.

- For companies (legal entity) - 6,000 rubles.

The Festival fee should be paid as soon as the film is included into the Festival. The Festival fee or any other payment are not reimbursed.

The Festival fee should be paid in rubles by bank transfer or in cash.

All the bank fees and expenses are to be paid by the participant.

In case more than one films participate in the Festival, a lumpsum single payment can be made .

Films advertising companies other than the partners of the Festival can participate in the Festival upon paying an additional fee.

13. Jury of Festival. The materials of the competitive programme are judged by international Jury, annually appointed by the Council of the Festival and consisting of experts in cinema, television, sport, tourism, marketing, distribution, PR-technologies and advertising.

14. Prizes of Festival:

The best film is awarded with GRAND PRIX GOLDEN PEAK, independent of the category.

Best films in all nominations are awarded with a GOLDEN PEAK  prize.

Each participant of the Festival GOLDEN PEAK  receives a certificate.

In addition, nominees receive prizes granted by the Partners of the Festival.

15. Notification of award.  Festival applications will be processed, and Laureates of the Festival will be notified about the selection results in advance. Presence of the prize-winner at the Awarding ceremony in St.Petersburg (Russia) is extremely advisable.

Decisions of the Jury and Organizing Committee are indisputable, unequivocal and are not subject to rebutment of any kind.

16. All the details about The Festival, authors and Partners is available on the website  Participation in IFF GOLDEN PEAK means agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Provisions of the Festival and abidance by them.

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