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[ 12.09.2018 ]


In the framework of the Business program of the XIII Public action "I Choose sport!"there was a Round table:" Cinema and sport – the facets of cooperation", "development of a cluster of sports cinema in St. Petersburg".

The best films of the GOLDEN PEAK film Festival were shown at the event.

His vision of the role of cinema in the popularization of mass sports shared:
* author of the project "Alley Of sports Glory" , General Director of the film Studio "Pharaoh", President of the international festival of sports and tourist films "Golden Peak" Irina Arkhipova;
* journalist, Advisor to the Director of JSC North-West PGO (holding Rosgeologia), member of RASO Irina Chernyavskaya;
* nine-time world champion in kick-Boxing, two-time world champion in Thai Boxing Vyacheslav Tislenko;
* master of Oriental martial arts, head of the center Of culture and Sports "North Dragon", founder of the project "Alley Of sports Glory" Nikolai Kononov;
* Director of the sports Society Guard, coach, member of the Presidium of the Sports Federation of St. Petersburg "Universal fight" Sergey Manuilov;
* head of the school of Knife Fight "Tolpar" Sergey Perelygin;
* head of the sports club of mixed martial Arts "PATRIOT SPb", world and European champion in Wushu-Sanda, champion of Russia and Europe in kickboxing Murad Bakharchiev;
* head of the company Two Sports - development of sports events in Russia Ilya Dybov;
* judge Of the international category in bodybuilding and fitness, coach of the Highest category in bodybuilding and fitness, three-time Winner of the Gold medal of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of Russia "for Outstanding Achievements", Vice-Rector of the College of Bodybuilding. Ben Vader, Alexander Nazarenko.

In addition, the participants of the round table were the first viewers of the trailer for the new vivid movie event "the Jump in China", which will premiere in November 2018 in the framework of the VI INTERNATIONAL festival of SPORTS AND TOURISM FILMS "GOLDEN PEAK".


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