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[ 16.03.2018 ]
The competition "WE are a TEAM!"in the framework of the project "alley of the SPORTS GLORY"


March 14 in the Peter and Paul fortress was held honoring the best teams of St. Petersburg - winners of the Contest "WE are a TEAM!"in the framework of the project "ALLEY of SPORTS GLORY."

The finalists received awards from the hands of Olympic Champions, famous athletes, representatives of the city Administration, well-known public figures.

Awards were presented:
- Deputy Chairman of the Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations Kristina Krylova;
- the deserved trainer of Russia, President of "club of Judo Turbostroitel" Michael Rachlin;
- world and European champion in mixed martial arts, the legendary great White Shark, Advisor to the Governor of St. PETERSBURG Andrey Semenov;
-the most titled kickboxer of our time, nine-time world champion in kickboxing, 2-time world champion in Thai Boxing honored master of sports Vyacheslav Tislenko;
- legendary player SKA, Tikhonov and student Tretiak, the only real tough guy in the entire history of Russian hockey Alexander Yudin;
- Olympic champion in figure skating, honored master of sports, two-time world champion among professionals and European champion in figure skating Oksana Kazakova;
- the author of the project "alley of the SPORTS GLORY", the President of the International festival of tourist and sports films "GOLDEN PEAK" Irina Arkhipova.

More than 200 teams took part in the Competition. Winners in the 14 categories identified by interactive popular vote on the official website of the Contest MYCOMMAND.Of the Russian Federation.

During the Contest the site was visited by 22 929 people. 17 215 people gave their votes to their favorite teams. "We are very pleased that our contest "WE are a TEAM!"within the framework of the project" Alley of sports glory " has received a real national recognition. It’s your voice, your business, your heart!"- said the founder of the Contest of national recognition "WE are a TEAM!", head of the center of Culture and Sports" Northern Dragon " Nikolai Kononov.

All photos from the event can be viewed in the album of the band "ALLEY of FAME":


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