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[ 29.01.2018 ]


In St. Petersburg hosted a screening of the best films of the sport film festival "Golden Peak" for sports veterans, timed to the 74th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from fascist blockade!

25 Jan Hall of the Collegiums of the Committee for physical culture and sports of St. Petersburg was filled with words of gratitude to veterans of the sport. We will always remember those who by their records and achievements have glorified Soviet sport was an example for young people in time of peace and who gave his life for the Fatherland when it was in mortal danger.

From the organizational Committee of the project "alley of the Sports Glory" and of the festival "Golden Peak" sports veterans were presented with gifts and tickets to the Museum-model "Petrovskaya Aquatoria".

In the program of film screening was presented documentaries and feature films about different sports – judo, wing-Chun, athletics, and also discussed socially significant themes – the exploits of athletes during the siege of Leningrad and at the Games of the winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

The story of traditional judo tournament, which attracts athletes from around the world, was presented in the film Marianne Shestakova "Tournament on judo of memory of the Deserved trainer of Russia A. S. Rachlin". Teacher of Russian President Vladimir Putin left a mark in the history of Russian judo. This is a film about how the case of Anatoly Semenovich continues to live, the will to win and patriotism.

The story about the athlete who at the age of seven years remained with his mother and brother in the siege of Leningrad, was told in the film Svetlana Serova "Marathon of life". Life the heroine of the film believes that the only movement is the Foundation of life and health. She is now 80 years old. She takes part in all marathons in the city and suburbs of St. Petersburg, and most important, she believes the world’s only winter marathon "Road of life", which is held on the day of lifting the blockade.

A wonderful story about coach Nikolai Kononov, who dedicated his life to the attainment of the Path of martial arts represented in the film by Vladimir Obukhovich "Profession Trainer. Tradition and Spirit." Martial arts combine the laws of humanity, spiritual practices and culture of life. There is no limit to perfection, as the development of a man walking on the Road, endlessly as the Journey itself. In the practice of martial arts there is a principle: "to Convey the meaning from heart to heart." It means to touch the soul of the student and to encourage him by moving his heart. This is the mission of the teacher.

The story of the beauty and variety of the Olympic sports represented at the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, and what a high level was held the sport event of international scale presented in the movie student of the St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television of Eugene vitruka "Sochi-2014".

The importance of an active lifestyle and participate in fair competition available to children in the form shown in the animated film by Natalia Berezovaya "Pig. Olympiad.»

With words of gratitude to veterans were made by: Nikolay Rastvortsev, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee for physical culture and sports of St. Petersburg; Irina Arkhipova – President of the International festival of sport and tourist films "Golden Peak", Michael Rachlin – the deserved trainer of Russia, the founder of Fund of support and development of judo to them. Anatoly Rachlin and SDYUSSHOR of judo to them. Anatoly Rakhlin; Nikolay Kononov – head of School program at the Foshan wing Chun in St. Petersburg, President of the NGO "centre for the promotion of socio-cultural, artistic and sports development "Nestor"; Larissa Rodionov – the Chairman of the Council of Veterans of physical culture and sports of St. Petersburg; Galina Pivovarova – Director of the NGO "centre for the promotion of socio-cultural, artistic and sports development "Nestor".

Also at the screening was attended by Alexander Sam – the Olympic champion in rowing, honored master of sports of the USSR.

Recall that the V international festival of sport and tourist films "Golden Peak" was held in November 2017 within the framework of St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, with the support of the Committee for physical culture and sport.

In 2017 the Festival were more than 400 works from 24 countries and 14 cities of Russia, of which only 58 paintings were selected to be shown.

The festival is unique in its kind project, both professional and Amateur, covering dozens of countries and cities. Life without traveling, new experiences, nature and sports is unthinkable, knowledge of the world becomes the stimulus to a healthy and vibrant life. Cinema in all its diversity becomes the main helper, friend and companion of travelers.

The organizer of the film Festival acts as the Studio of the historical film "FARAON".

The organizing Committee: phone 8(812)944-40-37; e-mail:


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