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[ 20.12.2017 ]
Film festival "Golden Peak" received an award from the government of Saint-Petersburg!


Film festival "Golden Peak", organized by the film Studio "PHARAOH", won the award
from the government of Saint-Petersburg!

On December 19 in the Committee for physical culture and sports journalists were introduced to the ten best athletes and coaches of St. Petersburg 2017 – winners of awards of the city Government, the medal "Best in sports of St. Petersburg".

The Chairman of the Committee Pavel Belov was awarded the commemorative awards to the editors of the St. Petersburg media that are most actively covering the sporting life of the Northern capital. Were noted sports editor of the TV channel "Saint Petersburg" TV channel "NTV"
"Radio Zenit radio station "Sport FM", radio "Petersburg", "Radio Russia", newspaper "St. Petersburg Diary", "Evening St. Petersburg", "Sports day after day"
and of course the film Festival "Golden Peak"!

The organizing Committee of the Festival "Golden Peak" expresses huge gratitude to the Committee for physical culture and sport for the assistance and support of the film Festival "Golden Peak" and the development of the cluster sports cinema!!! Huge thanks to our PARTNERS - the company "STAYER", ski resort "Red Lake", the restaurant "Oh! Mumbai", Museum-layout "Peter waters", center of foreign languages "EgoRound", ROO "Nestor" and personally Director Galina Pivovarova for his enormous contribution to the organization and conduct of the festival and our friendly, amazing team!!!

Reports on the awards ceremony:

The fifth anniversary Festival of tourist and sports films "GOLDEN PEAK" was held in the framework of St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum from 14 to 17 November 2017.

The festival is unique in its kind project in professional and Amateur films, spanning dozens of countries and cities.

The purpose of the film festival "Golden Peak":
Support and popularization of cultural, scientific, historical programs and events;
- Promotion of films, audiovisual and multimedia programs dedicated to national and international tourism;
- Promotion of healthy lifestyle, various sports, social responsibility and environmental protection;
- Attracting young people and teenagers to the arts, tourism and sport;
- Support young filmmakers;
- Conducting seminars, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, press clubs and round tables with experts on culture, science, tourism and sports;
- Attracting the attention of International festivals and tourist companies of St. Petersburg as a center of historical and cultural heritage, exchange of experience at the international level;
- Popularization of the work of the St.-Petersburg filmmakers.

This year the Festival was announced more than 400 works from 24 countries and 14 cities of Russia, of which only 58 paintings were selected
to the show.

The program presents a vast panorama of world cinema – the audience saw movies about different countries, about the unique tourist objects, unusual areas and regions of our country, as well as many films about nature, ecology and sport.

Information about the film Festival "GOLDEN PEAK" is available in our social network groups:


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