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[ 26.07.2017 ]
On July 29 in St. Petersburg the Ecology Festival "will be developed Present Green"!


29 – On July 30, from 12:00 till 20:00 in the center of St. Petersburg the Big Festival of Ecology "will be developed Present Green: Movement"!

Informative lectures, what market, exhibitions of art objects, film screenings, performances and concerts, culinary master classes — all this and many other things wait for guests of the festival entirely devoted to a subject, important for mankind: ecology. Here will prove that science, art, fashion, architecture, cosmetics and food can and have to be created with care of the nature and the person.
Under a roof of the Kvarengi Palace will hold round tables, games and quests on an ecology subject, master classes on a recycling creativity and vegetarian master classes from public organizations and institutions of the city.
Within the event the zone of the what technologies operating on alternative power engineering will function. Guests will be able to estimate an exhibition of dresses from salvage, the stand with design household items from a cardboard. Prepare separate activities and for the least guests.

On July 29, on Saturday, we invite to visit display of movies
GOLD TOP film festival!

From 16-00 till 17-30 - display of movies of the GOLD TOP Film festival

To make an unusual round-the-world trip, without leaving St. Petersburg: to get to unique places of Russia, the snow-covered Himalayas with mystical spirit of the Tibetan monasteries, Cambodia with ancient ruins of the ancient cities, the African savannas with the impassable jungle, Maldives with the underwater kingdom of coral reeves, the islands of Greece with unique churches, Norway with its fjords, Karelia with races on dogsleds, will enjoy architecture and history of St. Petersburg – not to count all places where it is possible to get by means of the GOLD TOP film festival in one day.

The GOLD TOP festival is the unique project of professional and amateur cinema covering dozens of the cities and countries.
Problem of the Film festival - to acquaint the audience with the world of bright and healthy life! Today we don’t imagine life without tourism, sport, the nature and new impressions. The cinema becomes one of our chief assistants!

Organizers will report the detailed program of movies later, but be sure that you will be pleased by kind and cheerful movies and also competitions with prizes!
Welcome speech will be made by the President of the GOLD TOP Film festival Irina Arkhipova!

Also on Ekofestivala on July 29 14:30 till 16:00 there will take place the unique lecture "Yoga Physiology" of professor of St.Petersburg State University, to. б. N of Rinad Sultanovich Minvaleev.

Within the lecture the movie "Person cold" of a film studio historical the movie "PHARAOH" about the international research Expedition Himalayas will be shown.

ADDRESS: SPb, Kazanskaya St., 7; space of Freedom (Kvarengi Palace)

Prior to a meeting at the Festival!


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