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[ 16.07.2016 ]
Movies of MKF "Gold Top" have received the most large number of prizes!


The international film festival "On the Equator" has for the first time taken place a festival of tourist movies (ITFFM) on Maldives in magnificent hotel The Sun Siyam Iru fushi Maldives since July 10-12. Within 3 days of jury of a festival have seen surprising rollers and short films from around the world, with the fascinating content connected with tourism, sport and the nature. The best works have been presented at the festival of guests. The final and an awards ceremony have taken place on July 12 together with display of movies and grandiose gala - a dinner. Celebrities from all countries have attended this film festival, such as: Mrs. Yang Zi (the actress from China), Mrs. Lizzie Kandi (TV / radio the leader, the actress of show business, the consultant for beauty and fashion, and also magnificent model from Great Britain), Mrs. Mina Vattan Ramadkhan Rahim (the famous blogger on social networks and the travel expert from the Middle East), Mr. Raul Richter (the actor, the leader and the singer from Germany), the Mrs. Irina Arkhipova-osnovatel and the producer of the Gold Top film festival, Mrs. Valentina Paade (Actress) with the groom, Mr. Dzhumayail (the Maldivian actor), Mrs. Ayshat Rishmi Ramiiz (Maldivian the Actress) and Mr. Abdul Fataa Abdul Gayum (the Maldivian film director) along with journalists and mass media worldwide. CCTV6 conducting a television channel from China well-known tourist journalists from France, Italy, the Middle East and Russia, and, of course, local mass media of the island state of Maldives, Sun Media and Hotel ier Maldives, have joined a festival and have supported a festival in printing and the Internet editions.

Winners on ITFFM became:

1. Category of tourism: "Back in free time - Rest in Austria." Johannes Grebert from National tourist office of Austria
2. Category roller: "One-wheeled Cappadocia" Sergey Gudzlovenko from Kyrgyzstan
3. Category Pilgrimage: The "treasure island" sent by Anastasia Yangirova from Russia
4. Category: The adventure "Heraklion - where begins history" from Indigo I Twist from Greece
5. Category environment: "The tribe of the Vandal" from Sergey Shutogoiz of Russia
6. Category Sport: "Beryuza’s house" from Dagana Selair, the Ministry of Culture and tourism of Turkey.
7. Category unique tourist object: "Color of Christmas on Zagreb" Marko Vrdoliak from Croatia
8. The category is informative: "Dubrovnik and time" Hervé Tirmartche, Department of tourism of Dubrovnik in Croatia
9. Category of ethnographic cinema: "Danube in Serbia" on Srdjan Stankovic, Aleksandar Simic, special video from Serbia
10. Category CLIP "St. Petersburg Imagination" from tourist bureau of St. Petersburg, Russia
Special awards have received:
Animation: "Doctor Dolley" José Manuel Garcia Alvares - Asociacion of Kasa - Rusia of Catalonia in Spain
Clip: "A track at fall" Vitaly Nikolaevich of Shmatchenko in Russian
Tourism: "To Norta the region of Portugal - the unique region" José Lemos - CCDR-N/Farol de Aydias from Portugal
Tourism: "The Polish Riviera" of Agnieszka Payak and Georg van der Weyden from Poland
Tourism: "5 moments" Dzhesper Ayeroyeiz

The first prize was won by a roller the "House of Turquoise" provided by Dagan Selayar - the Ministry of Culture and tourism of Turkey

Action made general success, among the audience, participants and partners. The organizing committee of a film festival expresses gratitude to partners of Qatar Airways and Mega Maldives for their special prices the provision of gifts, TMA airline which have provided internal flights, mass media which conducted the air provided to tourists during a festival, Spa by Thalgoza and covered a film festival with news, the film festival of the tourist movie "Gold Top" and a film studio "PHARAOH" which have acted as the main partner and were provided by more than 100 best movies to display …

Considering success for the first time of the held International festival of tourist movies on Maldives, the The Sun Siyam Iru fushi Maldives hotel already plans to hold the second festival in November, 2017 and subsequently to make it annual. Organizers of a festival are sure that the got experience will help to create it even on a more substantial scale and grandiosely.

The international film festival "On the Equator" made great success in a film world and tourism. Prestigious action is the first on Maldives and aims to bring together representatives of the different age, interests and professions in one place united by love to art, tourism and sport.


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