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[ 02.08.2016 ]
The fifteenth scientific expedition "In search of the lost knowledge"


In July, 2016, within the author’s project of Irina Arkhipova (a film studio of the historical movie "PHARAOH") the fifteenth scientific expedition "In search of the lost knowledge" has taken place

From July 17 to July 24, 2016 the science team under the leadership of the director of a film studio of the historical movie "PHARAOH" Irina Arkhipova and the research supervisor of expedition, the associate professor of St.Petersburg State University Rinad Minavaleev, has carried out the fifteenth international research expedition devoted to researches of labyrinths and siedis. The basis for expedition is located in the territory of the wildlife area "the Archipelago of the Body" (Republic of Karelia). Within expedition for all visitors of this unique archipelago there have taken place free lectures and a practical training on development and studying of practice of "Tummo".

Expeditionary work on studying of northern megalytic monuments – labyrinths and siedis, is carried out by Irina Arkhipova 15 years. During this time expedition has removed a problem of studying of northern megaliths on new level, having resorted to classical natural-science methods. The first expeditions carried out the work on the archipelago of Solovki (B. Zayatsky the island). Since 2001 full support of expedition is given by Oleg Kodola – the winner of a national award, the writer-historian, the founder of excursion bureau "Independent Guides" and Solovki tourist information center. Since 2004 within expedition works on objective dating of stone calculations as participation of the biologist from St.Petersburg State University – к.б.н have been begun. Ivan Rudsky. In 2006 Irina Arkhipova could attract to cooperation of the authoritative physiologist Rinad Minvaleev thanks to which scientists from the Russian academy of medical sciences - Rinat and Alfred Bogdanovy have been invited. With the help. the neuropower cartographer (operator Sergey Stolyarov) neurophysiological reactions of representative group of examinees to passing on labyrinths with the purpose to clear possible ritual purpose of these ancient stone calculations have been studied.

The special place in Rinad Minvaleev and Irina Arkhipova’s researches occupies studying of methods of cold resistance and the Tibetan practice of "Tummo" (yoga of "internal heat"). For carrying out this series of experiments the archipelago of the Body – here convenient bays, constant water temperature (4-6 degrees), high concentration of megalytic monuments – siedis and labyrinths has been chosen. Heads of expedition have approached research of "yoga of internal heat" only from the scientific point of view, using for fixing of the processes happening to examinees, the most modern technologies. Besides training in physiological aspects of yoga and to various meditative practicians, the vegetative assessment of recovery processes of participants of expedition has been carried out. As well as in last years, the participants who don’t have initial preparation could examine with respiratory practicians, developed by Rinad Minvaleev and learn to maintain extremely low temperatures in short terms.

In the summer of 2016 the new round was received by research of dating of mysterious labyrinths and siedis. Heads of expedition hope to learn date of their emergence by a likhenometriya method. We will remind that this method is based on determination of age of a construction on growth rate the nakipnykh of lichens. The management of likhenometrichesky researches is assigned to the biologist from St.Petersburg State University - к.б.н. Ivan Rudsky and French specialist in scientific photographing Lazura Kiossev. Creation of empirical model of a surplus of colonies of lichens is the cornerstone of researches.

Similar researches – not a whim of heads. The science needs specific datings of megalytic constructions long ago. Now the age of stone calculations (on different sources) fluctuates "from the III millennium B.C. till the 19th century" that in translation into regular language means – it "is unknown". Irina Arkhipova, Oleg Kodol, Rinad Minvaleev and Kiossev Lazur’s researches shall put an end to this uncertainty, put the end to century dispute and stop a flow of esoteric speculation.


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