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[ 16.04.2014 ]
Rural festival of humour in the village of "KINDASOVO"

In the quiet June morning leisure of slow measured life of a small Karelian village was intruded upon by a cheerful holiday. Where look, souvenir shops, tents with toasted pies yes braziers with shish kebabs have settled down everywhere. And the audience was already entertained by Petrozavodsk jokers volunteers.
It is known that the holiday was held under the motto "We Treat All!" and his subject was corresponding. What only at a festival wasn’t! Both piray-therapy, and smekhoterapiya, and zootherapy, and plastic surgery, and even stressosjy! On a glade at the river sculptures have been built from hay, and everyone could try out as the sculptor. Right there on fresh fragrant hay friendly "Burenka" who with pleasure embraced and photographed with guests of a holiday has settled down.
In due time on a scene there was the most real huntsman Kuzmich, with all put attributes: in a long-skirted raincoat and the well-known cap with ear-flaps. But couldn’t remain unnoticed in Victor Bychkov’s image of a mitten on a rope.
"Kuzmichami" was replenished also Pryazhinsky district: the head of Pryazhinsky district Toyvo Savolaynen and the head of administration of the area Oleg Yermolaev have been solemnly devoted in "Kuzmichi". The main Kuzmich of the country has handed them diplomas and, of course, egersky caps. He has given the same cap to the head of the republic Alexander Hudilaynen who couldn’t arrive.
Traditionally played "The happy ticket". This time there was enough "medical" gifts: the medical exercise machine of Makrelov, a complex of vitamins, visit of the pool of Marcial waters and even the certificate on free removal of tooth. The first prize — a samovar — has gone to Segezha, and not less valuable award — the cart of manure has gone absolutely nearby — to the Yarn.
Despite gloomy weather Kindasov’s guests didn’t miss. Every year in Kindasov is more and more cheerful! To new meetings!

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