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[ 19.05.2016 ]
Research project "In search of the Lost Knowledge". Expedition of "GIMALAI-2016"


From April 26 to May 12, 2016 in the State of Himachal Pradesh, Northern India, has passed the international research expedition, within the annual author’s project of Irina Arkhipova "In search of the lost knowledge" (c), film studios of the historical movie "PHARAOH" directed to support of the Russian science.

The purpose of expedition are comprehensive investigations of a new method of substantial increase of cold resistance of the person developed by scientists of St. Petersburg State University: physiologist, к.б.н. R. S. Minvaleev and mathematician, к.ф.м.н. A.I. Ivanov on the basis of the Tibetan yoga of TUMMO.

Large-scale researches and tests of a new method in extreme conditions of highlands (one of the additional conditions considerably increasing efficiency of a method the high-rise hypoxia and low temperatures are) have been carried successfully out in research expeditions to Prielbrusye, in July, 2007 and August, 2009 and on the pass the Rattan, Kulu, the State of Himachal Pradesh, India, in 2008-2015.

By results of last expeditions it is established and published in the reviewed scientific periodical press that the combination of a high-rise hypoxia to Holodov provides with tests the largest speed of anti-atherogenous changes of a lipidic profile of serum of blood at rather healthy examinees (effective prevention of an ateroskleoz) [1]. The operated decrease in stressful hormones at Holodov is reached influences (stress management) [2]. Haemo dynamic mechanisms of increase of cold resistance of the person are found [3].

Results of researches of a method can be applied in the following areas:

1. In military area: significant increase in cold resistance of the soldiers and officers serving in the conditions of low ambient temperatures (highlands, a winter season, emergency situations);

2. In winter sports: motive recreation, increase of sports productivity of professional athletes.

3. In medicine: therapeutic effects of cold in combination with a high-rise hypoxia for correction of violations of a fatty exchange in cardiology (prevention and rehabilitation of atherosclerosis) and in pulmonology (mountain treatment of tuberculosis);

4. In everyday life of the person for effective prevention of catarrhal diseases and increase of resistance to stress.

In 2016 there was an opportunity to considerably expand the range of the studied physiological mechanisms of improving influences of increase of cold resistance. Within a megagrant of the Russian scientific fund No. 14-50-00069 realized in St.Petersburg State University (Transmitting medicine and biobank).

On April 21 all participants of expedition "the Himalayas of 2016" have passed large-scale complex inspection in city hospital No. 40 Sestroretsk where have been carried out stressekhokardiografichesky inspection with physical activity, daily monitoring on Holtera, at all samples of a blue blood for a wide range of all-clinical, biochemical and hormonal analyses are taken. Also the expression of genes in response to loading will be studied.

On April 27, 2016 right after arrival to the valley of Kulu the group has begun daily acclimatization exits for adaptation to middle mountains height where control researches on the pass the Rattan (4200 m) have been conducted. Load tests for registration of the current cardiorespiratory indicators were daily carried out. Every evening participants of expedition listened to Rinad Minvaleev’s lectures on vegetative and hormonal regulation, thermophysiology, genetic ensuring adaptation and to the other questions actual for daily trainings of the adapted yoga туммо. For test mastered the practician of increase of cold resistance participants long sat under cold mountain falls (Gian (2450 m), Adjani-Makhadev (2650 m), and on snow on Chandra-Kani’s passes (3950 m) and the Rattan (4200 m)).
On May 6, 2016 separate blood sampling for genetic and biochemical researches has been executed right after ascension on the pass the Rattan. Upon return will be executed from expedition of research repeatedly (on May 13) that will allow to compare a condition of participants before stay in the Himalaya middle mountains to the purpose to reveal vegetative and hormonal ensuring short-term adaptation to middle mountains in combination with Holodov with tests, and also to study an expression of genes which can be activated.
The offered research will help to reveal improving effects of stay in middle mountains in combination with Holodov tests, and also influences of a high-rise hypoxia adaptation to cold and will allow to develop effective methods of the emergency increase stresso-and cold resistance of the person.
The published works on results of the previous expeditions:
1. Minvaleev R. S. Comparison of speed of change of a lipidic profile of serum of blood of the person at rise on middle mountains height//Human physiology, 2011, volume 37, No. 3. - page 103-108.
2. Minvaleev R. S., Ivanov A.I. Tibetan yoga туммо: comparison of the operated and uncontrollable decrease in the general cortisol at healthy people//Works of the international scientific and practical conference "The Vajrayana Buddhism in Russia: From contacts to interaction", on October 16-18, 2010 (Moscow).-Moscow: Diamond way, 2012. - page 172-177.
3.Minvaleev R.S., Bogdanov A.R., Bogdanov R.R., Bahner D.P., and Marik P.E. Hemodynamic Observations of Tumo Yoga Practitioners in a Himalayan Environment//Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2014, Vol. 20, No4. - p. 295-299.
International research expedition "Himalayas-2016" Head and organizer: General director and producer of a film studio of the historical movie "PHARAOH" Irina Arkhipova
Research supervisor: к.б.н. Rinad Minvaleev (St.Petersburg State University)
Research associates:
1. K.b.n., в.н.с. Glotov Oleg Sergeyevich (St.Petersburg State University, ITBM)
2. K.b.n., Glotov Andrey Sergeyevich (director of RTs Biobank of Scientific Park of St.Petersburg State University)
3. K.b.n., Apalko Svetlana Vyacheslavovna (hospital No. 40 Sestroretsk)
4. Candidates of Medical Science., Manayeva Olga Petrovna (hospital No. 40 Sestroretsk)
Participants: 14 volunteers of both sexes aged from 35 till 60 years.
Photo of expedition of "Gimali-2016"

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