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[ 18.05.2016 ]
The reporting about ISE the "Himalayas-2016" on St. Petersburg TV channel


An unusual way to survive in extreme conditions, scientists are exploring the Northern capital. In India, they spent two weeks.In the mountains, we put several scientific experiments. We studied the famous Tibetan practice. We get up at 6 am, running, yoga, spa treatments and daily rose in mountains.Previously we prepared so only professional athletes, but even ordinary people in just a couple of weeks have become more endure frost.

Irina Arkhipova, head of the international "Himalaya" research expedition: "There is probably no such effect of habituation, which people expect," Now, if we do these practices, we need to walk naked in the winter "- no, it is not the goal. The main thing is that if a person owns this practice, in the extreme conditions in the mountains it will never die. " At the end of the experiment, participants of the expedition climbed to an altitude of 3900 meters. Scientists believe that breathing exercises combined with moderate loads will reduce the risk of disease. Research results have already been described in the scientific literature. They will be interested in the military, athletes and residents of the Far North. Rinad Minvaleev, Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sport St. Petersburg State University, PhD: "This is actually the prevention of atherosclerosis. It is a modern killer №1 in the world. Most people are now dying from the inner wall of atherosclerotic arteries. Any kind of progress in this direction is a serious result and application for future research. "Traveling in India study has not ended. Ahead of the participants of the project a new trial.

Report of the International scientific-research expedition "Himalaya-2016" on the TV channel, see "Saint-Petersburg"

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