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About us » History » Фестивалю юмора в Киндасово 30 лет!

Фестивалю юмора в Киндасово 30 лет!

The chairman of "the Karelian Commonwealth" Irina Arkhipova has congratulated a humour festival in Kindasovo on the 30 anniversary

On June 14 there has taken place the annual festival of rural humour and laughter in the village of Kindasovo. To congratulate a legendary festival on anniversary there have arrived guests of honor – the chairman of "the Karelian Commonwealth" Irina Arkhipova and the president of "Recommendation on international cooperation" Yury Palamarchuk.

The rural festival of humour successfully takes place in the territory of Pryazhinsky district since 1985. Every year the festival brings together more than 10 thousand people. During this time action has purchased the status international, and also has won love of all inhabitants of Karelia. The idea of carrying out such holiday has for the first time come to mind to the collector of folklore Viola Malmi. The baizes collected by it and story about unlucky men of the village of Kindasovo have formed the basis of action of a holiday. In day of a festival traditionally there take place festivities, jokes and jokes sound. Guests practise in high-speed eating of pancakes, participate in cheerful draws and tenders.

This year organizers considerably diversified the program of action. And whether could be differently in anniversary year of carrying out a festival of humour in Kindasovo? Organizers of a festival have decided to return to sources and to acquaint all with Kindasovo’s superheroes – Dobroded and the Grandmother Nyashechka Stryapukhanen. Besides, they have established several big books with kindasovsky stories executed in a genre of comics in different places. In addition to traditional national entertainments, fans of songs and dancings could enjoy performances of on-stage performance groups from Pryazhinsky district, Karelia and the foreign guests who have arrived to Kindasovo within the Suguvastavundu festival. However, has not done in the village of Kindasovo and without sports component. The matter is that on the eve of a holiday the team of organizers of a festival and local football club have played a friendly match which has ended with a productive draw.

For the first time the humour holiday in Kindasovo was spent by forces of public organizations of "Recommendation on international cooperation" and "The Karelian commonwealth". Presidents of the organizations – Yury Palamarchuk and Irina Arkhipova – have arrived to Kindasovo to congratulate a festival on anniversary. It should be noted that to participants of team of organizers no more than 35 years, and in their soul – passion, confidence and love to the native land. Big help in carrying out actions was given also by local volunteers who have united in aspiration to make an unforgettable holiday for people. It is pleasant that the youth actively participates in life of the native land. Similar actions are simply necessary for preserving national traditions and original culture of Karelia.

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