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IV Кинофестиваль "Мир Путешествий"

On September 20, 2015 in the resort town of Lyoret de Mar the ceremony of Opening of the IV International film festival "World of Travel" has taken place.
On a red carpet to the Big hall Gran Kazino Costa Is gallant judges and guests of honor of a festival, the Russian audience and local Spaniards rose. The obligatory photo against the Festival logo embracing Charlie Chaplin and Salvador Dalí, smiles and handshakes, a light music of a saxophone and here, doors of the hall are open, and everything is ready to the beginning of the Ceremony!
This year on a festival about 495 movies and 160 animation works have been provided. From all variety of movies, to viewing of Jury has selected only 200 movies.
Daily festival displays have been planned from September 21 to September 24 in various halls of Lyoret de Mar. Days of a festival have also passed in Zherona and in Barcelona. Separate evening in Barcelona has been devoted to animation within the Libelula festival. All diverse and highly topical program of a film festival has been covered at the Opening ceremony, at once after welcome speech of the Adviser for culture and tourism of the City hall of Lyoret de Mar, Senhora Roanga Gou. In his hands there was that Cracker which, under laws of a genre, could not but slap and, thus, officially open the IV film festival "World of Travel" together with treasured "the Motor! Camera! Have begun!".

The ceremony has continued representation to public of Jury and Guests of honor among whom there were representatives of film festivals of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zherona, Grass and Ardech - the producer of the Gold Top film festival from St. Petersburg, Irina Arkhipova, the famous film director Sergey Debizhev, and also the outstanding TV host and the author of the Useless Notes program, Dmitry Krylov. Warm wishes of success were heard from Natalya Syomina, the director of the Moscow Film Festival and the Chairman of Jury, Alexander Stoletov, the director of a festival of animation of "Libelul". The animation animated Iranian movie, and also wonderful songs of the remarkable Russian singer, Igor Latyshko, the winner of the tenders "Gaudas’s Song" and "Gold Record Player" has decorated the Opening ceremony.
But prepremier display of the art French movie "Net Life" - "La vie pure" which in November will come to wide screens of movie theaters became the main surprise for all audience and judges. At the Opening ceremony there could be a director of the movie Jeremy Banster who has arrived from Paris and also the chief actor Stani Kopet famous to all Spain thanks to shootings at popular series "Red Eagle" and "Prince". After viewing of the movie narrating about destiny 23-year French of the journalist who has followed in the Amazonian Selva for soul and in search of children’s dream of paradise on the earth communication with the director and the actor and numerous questions from the hall has followed.

This touching and very emotional story about strength of mind, illusions and search of the place, about dreams and opening, did not leave in the world indifferent any person. As the director of the movie, Jeremy Banster has told, he removed him for the modern youth which has lost illusions, not believing in dreams and any heroes. Its cinema turns soul inside out, and grants various emotions. In this way Jeremy also plans to remove further, only this way it is possible to reach human hearts! In spite of the fact that the movie went in French, with the Spanish subtitlings, even those who did not understand Spanish, have noted the strongest impressions after viewing. Certainly, the movie was successful, not only thanks to an interesting plot, fine direction and outstanding camerawork, but also thanks to huge talent of a new rising star of Stani Kopet. The French actor with family roots from the French Guinea, already acted at Jeremy in short works when he has heard the history which has formed then the movie basis, from lips of the father of the main character who looked for the son of long 12 years, having undertaken 20 expeditions. Jeremy Banster and Stani Kopet have taken away Honourable diplomas of the City hall Mr. Lyoret de Mar and Кинофестиваля "Мир путешествий".
And we - a set of bright and diverse emotions!

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