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About us » History » III Международный Кинофестиваль «Мир путешествий»

III Международный Кинофестиваль «Мир путешествий»

From September 21 to September 26, 2014 with assistance of the government of Catalonia, consulates of Russia and Ukraine in Spain Russian House Association and Fund of development of art NOVOVIRA&ART, the III International film festival "World of Travel" which has taken place on three platforms at once – in Barcelona, Lyoret de Mar and Zhirone has taken place.

At a festival 165 movies from 24 countries of the world from which for a competition 85 works are selected have been presented and the best movies of directors of Russia, Spain, Estonia, France, Belarus, Bulgaria, Catalonia and other countries are shown.

Within кинофесиваля "World the Puteshetvy" 15 best movies of the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL "GOLD TOP" have been shown

Head of the organizing committee, chairman of the cultural organization "The Russian House in Catalonia", and also ideological inspirer of the World of Travel film festival – Vera Novoselova has huge public temperament, takes great pain to propagandize Russia in Catalonia, Spain, in France.

Travel in all their variety – the main subject of a festival.

Guests of honor of a film festival:

Varvara Arbuzova (Moscow) with the presentation of movies of Savva Kulish, the "Palm branches" which have won 2 at the Cannes Film Festival)
Irina Arkhipova (St. Petersburg) CEO and producer of the International film festival of sports and tourist movies "GOLD TOP" Author of the "In search of the Lost Knowledge" project
Dmitry Smirnov (Estònia)
Lyudmila Vavilova (Arth. the director Doma of cinema in St. Petersburg)
Olga Sherwood (Journalist of Department of culture of Russia, film critic)
Bernard Tourre (França)
Carlos Benpar (Owner of 2 figurines of Goya, Spain)
Representatives of Jury: Isidor Lorca (the director and the producer of cinema, Lyoret de Mar), Luís Valenti (The president of a festival of cinema in Zherona), Zhozep Bernat (the theater director and the screenwriter, Lyoret de Mar), Larisa Nazarova (the vice-president of fund of Nikita Mikhalkov), Natalya Syomina (Professor of department of culture and art of the Moscow University, the CEO of the Moscow Film Festival), and others.

Winners of the World of Travel film festival:

Prize of spectator sympathies for the documentary – "Revenge of providence" CARLOS BENPAR (the Director, Catalonia).

The best in the nomination "Short film" – "There and back" JUDITH HAVÁS (the Director, France).

The best in the nomination "Documentary" – "Anna Pavlova", VICTOR BOCHAROV (the Director, Russia).

The best in the nomination "Advertising Tourist Film" – "Barcelona – is always more" than MAMMOTH Cataluña.

Best in the nomination "animated movie" - "Matopos" STEPHANIE MACHURET (France).

The best in the nomination "Camerawork" – "After Byzantium" IRINA URALSKAYA (the Operator, Russia).

Award for originality "Flight of a penguin" – ALICIA TEBA (BANDE APART), Catalonia.

Prize of management of a festival for preserving cultural traditions – the movie "Restoration of Church" JOSEP BERNAT (The director and the operator).

Special award from the president of the "Stories of Havana in Barcelona" festival of MARIA ELENA (Catalonia).

GRAN PRIX "Russian Dream" SERGEY DEBIZHEV (Director and producer, Russia).

Special award of jury as to the producer and the director and for a cycle of movies: "To be to good", "The person – cold", "Tummo" – a film studio of the historical movie "Pharaoh", Russia. Gratitude from a city administration of Lyoret de Mar, Novovira Arth and the Russian house in Kataluniya for cooperation in the World of Travel film festival 2014 – IRINA ARKHIPOVA (The CEO and the producer of a film studio "Pharaoh". CEO and producer of the international festival of sports and tourist movies "Gold Top", organizer of research expeditions "Elbrus", "Himalayas-Tibet", "Solovki") IANASTASIYA MOROZOVA, scriptwriter and director of movies "Be to Good", "Person — Cold", "Tummo".

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