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About us » History » III Международный фестиваль туристических и спортивных фильмов «Золотая Вершина»

III Международный фестиваль туристических и спортивных фильмов «Золотая Вершина»

On March 28 in the St. Petersburg office of the Union of theatrical figures there has passed the III MKF "Gold Top" within which the best works created by cinematographers of Russia, Greece, Poland, Portugal of Austria, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia and other countries and also the best works of the international film festivals of the corresponding subject were shown.

Bright, unusual, colourful, original, unique. With what only epithets haven’t presented the third international festival of sports and tourist movies "Gold Top". And already the festival time has ceased, all movies are shown, prizes are distributed. It was necessary only to analyse an event a little.

At a film festival more than 150 most different film works from 12 countries of the world narrating both about a feat of arms of athletes and about labor everyday life of subjugators of mountain tops, researchers of cold resistance of a human body, pioneers of little-used taiga and Siberian tracks have been presented. And at the same time "the Gold Top" has given chance to see the best models of advertizing and publicistic works of the European documentary film makers, with inspiration and selflessly opening the edge, the country.

To reveal and award the best - a problem which the serious international jury had faced. How to reveal the best of the best and not to pass by really live documentary miracle. From here and the mass of special prizes with which the jury has generously presented participants and guests of a festival.

The complete understanding of that fact that we, in St. Petersburg and, most likely, in all Russia, had no such event, large-scale phenomenon became gold top of a festival, - the director of the international film festival of sports and tourist movies Irina Arkhipova shares the supervision. – We have managed to convince ourselves, the colleagues, a city management and that is important - and foreign partners in need of a similar festival for the most festival, cultural, sports and tourist capital of Russia and Europe in general. From the first plan before the last display has passed not so a lot of time, and we have already shown nearly fifty movies from all Russia and Europe, have managed to prove as sign and significant action in a cultural and sports calendar of St. Petersburg.

Have acted as organizers of a film festival:

Committee on culture of St. Petersburg, Committee on physical culture and sport of St. Petersburg, Committee on tourism development of Administration of St. Petersburg, SPb GKU "City Tourist and Information Bureau" and film studio of the historical movie "Pharaoh"

Winners of the III MICROFARAD of tourist and sports movies "Gold Top"
1. The Russian Historical Channel for the movie "Peterhof — a pearl of Russia. Monplezir of Petrov’s yard", in the nomination "Unique Tourist Object".
2. David Genkin for the movie "Pavel Sadyrin: Take-off and falling of the great trainer", in the nomination "The Documentary and Publicistic Movie about Sport".
3. Automobile sports technical forwarding club "Navigator" for the movie "Motor Rally of Friendship", in the nomination the sports clip.
4. Evgeny Vitruk for the movie "Sochi 2014" in the nomination the sports clip.
5. Evgeny Bykov for the movie "Holiday of Riding Sport in Karelia" in the nomination the sports clip.
6. Nikolay Makarov for the movie "the Miracle of Altai. To be to good", in the nomination "Documentary".
7. Alexey Ovsyannikov for the movie "The River Waits", in the nomination "Boating".
8. Sergey Shuty for the movie "Spring Water Colors".
9. Children’s film school "Kinoostrov" for the movie "Culture without Borders".

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